Friday, April 18, 2008

Stadium 10 theaters and northgate

After dinner last night at the mall, we went and saw Street Kings at the stadium 10 theaters at northgate. If I recall correctly, these theaters opened last year. The place was empty. Sadly so. The restroom, hell the entire place, was very clean. Everything is very new. The temperature in the theater was perfect, the sound was great, and the seats were the most comfortable I have ever experienced in a theater.

However, there was only one other person in our entire theater (huge and stadium seating) besides us. I hope this was due to being a Thursday night. I enjoyed being able to go to a movie only minutes away from home.

We noticed a strong police presence at the mall last night. Outside and inside. Not sure it there's a ton of crime at that mall, but it certainly created a feeling of comfort and discomfort at the same time, ya know?

I'll be returning tonight to redeem a lovely VS gift card I received at my shower and maybe do a little window shopping. If you have a chance to go by northgate, please do. They've actually got affordable shops (sorry kids no restoration hardware) and it's a lot cleaner then I remember from my teen years. There's some construction going on in what they're calling a "plaza" area, similar to that of southpoint on a much smaller scale. It seems southpoint has really drawn a lot of business away from this one. Heck the last time I was there it took me 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot. Fuck that.

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Valerie at We Love Durham said...

We like Northgate mall. I've gone there for years. You know there used to be a theater there before they expanded the Macy's end of the mall, right? I'm glad to see they've added it back. It is about the same distance for us to Northgate and Southpoint, but, like you said, I've heard that Southpoint is hard to get to from that side of town. Both malls are packed on the weekends; I bet the movie theater there, too. Look out for the free movies this summer!

Jeni said...

You know, I never actually went to the theater at northgate. We always went to South Square or the Varsity. I tend to avoid all malls on the weekends and I'm glad to hear that it's doing good business on the weekends. What's this about FREE MOVIES????? I'm there!

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