Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Creole er Cajun

I was taken by my coworkers for lunch today to congratulate me on my upcoming nuptials. When asked, I suggested Papa Mojo's. I recently read another durham blog about it and it's right down the road from work. It's relatively small, got blues pumping through the speakers and a nice lunch atmosphere. We were a group of 14 and they sat us pretty quickly. Everyone got a wide variety and everybody's food looked great (except the 1/4 chicken, it looked scrawny).

I got mesquite grilled jumbo shrimp with macque shou casserole (corn with peppers and onions). My food was perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked and I gobbled it up quickly. For dessert I had the chocolate pecan tart with ice cream and homemade caramel sauce. It was devine. I could have done without the caramel but wow it was all awesome.

Next time I'd like to try the etouffee or jambalaya.

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1 comment:

MamaMin said...

I had a good meal from there, too, although it was SPICY! I want to go back and try a catfish poboy. Mmmm.

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